List of Three Vol. XIV

Ahhh oh my goodness I’m so exhausted and I’m fighting off sleep just to get this week’s List of Three done! 2021 PLANNER, FINALLY! The Twosome Place planners that I ordered from Shoppee finally arrived after a month! I’m so excited to update it and just you know, “planner.” (My sister and I use “planner”…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. XIV

Finally Decluttering & Reorganising My Stuff!

Disclaimer: I’m not complaining and I’m not being ungrateful for the things I have, I’ve just decided that it’s high time to get my room cleaned, organised, and minimise the amount of stuff I have.  I won’t even deny it. There’s just too much stuff in my room. Stuff I haven’t used, stuff I no…… Continue reading Finally Decluttering & Reorganising My Stuff!

My 2017 Travel Goal (Goals…?)

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I’m supposed to be doing work right now but I found myself dreaming about being somewhere else…again. Since I can’t pack a bag and book a flight right now, I’m currently distracting myself and terribly failing at trying to satisfy my wanderlust. 😦 So here’s a quick list of the places I want to go to next year! Disclaimer:…… Continue reading My 2017 Travel Goal (Goals…?)

WHAT TO DO when your passport gets wet while traveling!!!

I had just gotten back from a weeklong trip from the Land Down Under, going around one of its beautiful cities — Sydney. I was having a fabulous time but two days before my flight back to Manila, my passport got soaked (along with the rest of the contents of my day bag). Upon getting…… Continue reading WHAT TO DO when your passport gets wet while traveling!!!

Packing for a Short Trip

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t dread packing. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that I’m looking forward to being in a new place again, or the fact that it’s that time to travel again. For the next couple of days, my family and I are heading to a place with lots of…… Continue reading Packing for a Short Trip

An Introduction

The clock currently reads 3:52AM and I just had the urge to write something about someone that means so much to me. There’s no apparent reason as to why I’m doing this — maybe it’s because of the fact that he’s been my rock during this unbearable disaster of a term or because of the…… Continue reading An Introduction