Seoul | August 2019

While I’m crazy driven to keep my blog running, I’m going to make use of this motivation to work on my backlogs, so I’m apologising in advance for all the travel posts coming your way. In August 2019, my gradma, mum, aunt, my sister, and I took a trip to Seoul for the weekend. It…… Continue reading Seoul | August 2019

Petite France | Seoul 2017

During my most recent trip to Seoul with my family, I suggested we visit Petite France. I thought it was a little village that happened to resemble French villages but nope, it was actually a theme park! So first things first, let’s talk about how to get there: Sidenote: I’m heavily relying on Google and the…… Continue reading Petite France | Seoul 2017

Things To Do in Seoul: Everland Theme Park

There’s almost always a theme park in any country. You’ve got quite a number of Disneylands and Universal Studios in the US, Europe, and Asia, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines, and Lotte World and Everland in South Korea. When I travel, I generally prefer to roam around and get lost…… Continue reading Things To Do in Seoul: Everland Theme Park