Fukuoka | November 2019

I remember landing in Fukuoka with eyes that perfectly depicted the very essence of sleep deprivation. At this time, I think it had been a week since I had gotten decent sleep, it all started like two days before my trip to Bangladesh. (If you’re wondering how I even remember this…let’s just say that the…… Continue reading Fukuoka | November 2019

Nara Deer Park | Japan 2017

Our visit to Nara Deer Park last December 2017 was basically a pit stop. We were traveling from Osaka to Tokyo, (thanks to Japan’s amazing railway system, it wasn’t a hassle) with all our luggages in tow. We were only able to spend about a total of 2 hours there. Sad, right? But still, it was…… Continue reading Nara Deer Park | Japan 2017