First of December 2020

Photo by Kieran White on Unsplash

It’s December.December 2020. This year flew by, and I’m glad it did because I can’t take 2020 anymore. Right, these posts usually come in before or a few days after the New Year but there’s no point waiting for that. I’m convinced that this is it for 2020. This is it for this unbelievably challenging…… Continue reading First of December 2020

An Untitled Survey

A survey? A survey. Brings me back to the good old tumblr days. Answering this one before I attempt to finish my case conceptualisation report for class. Oh and I got the questions from Jolens’ post! πŸ™‚ Do you like being the one who makes moments memorable? Never really thought about this. Yes, but no.…… Continue reading An Untitled Survey

a messy update nobody asked for.

I know, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been meaning to write but something would always come up. Or maybe that’s just me dodging any plans to update this blog. We’re on the last week of October and how is it even still possible that 2020 hasn’t stopped with its ~surprises.~ But you know…… Continue reading a messy update nobody asked for.


For some reason that I just can’t understand, I tend to write when I feel (a little) sad. Today is one of those days. I should actually be celebrating since I’m done with all my heavy deadlines yet here. i. am. sulking. The past month really took a toll on me (wait I feel like…… Continue reading hi

sharing some serious stuff.

My thoughts have been all over the place today. I haven’t exactly cleared them out yet, I haven’t actually sat down and addressed these thoughts. But right now, I’m going to attempt to write about them — I’ve discovered that when I’m really bothered and there’s literally no sense of peace within me, I’m actually…… Continue reading sharing some serious stuff.


I honestly feel like each time I write a blog post about the previous month, I always end up writing about the same thing… So why not give this post a little twist right? I’ll start off with a short list of things I’m both looking forward to and hoping for. πŸ™‚ Upcoming Hong Kong…… Continue reading 3/18