List of Three Vol. XI

Happy 2021 (again), blog friends! It’s currently 10:20 and I honestly want to get this week’s List of Three up and running within the next 20 minutes only because I want to continue binge-(re)watching Gilmore Girls before going to sleep. LOL honest. PRODUCTIVITY & DISTRACTIONS. This week was a blur. It had a good mix…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. XI

List of Three Vol. VII

Two more days and we’re halfway through December. HOW. Despite watching Christmas movies on Netflix, putting up a tiny tree with fairy lights in my room, and playing Christmas music in the morning, I still can’t feel the holiday spirit. Can 2020 please get better already? Please? The past week has been busy and I’m…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. VII

List of Three Vol. V

To be perfectly honest, I have zero motivation to write anything for this week’s List of Three. All week long, I’ve been feeling so useless, inefficient, and unproductive. Yes, there’s still so many things to be grateful for — I’m not disregarding that, but this week was just difficult. But okay, I’ll save my wallowing…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. V

List of Three Vol. IV

The past week was quite a happy week. I don’t know, it just was and I’m so thankful for that, especially since the past few weeks have been a mess. Since I felt ~happy~ this week, I won’t be posting three different feelings and I’ll share some highlights instead. SPENT THE DAY WITH FRIENDS Waiting…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. IV

List of Three Vol. III

This week was all sorts of things. I don’t know, felt like I was all over the place. Anyway, here we go with this week’s List of Three. WELL-RESTED, BUT STILL RESTLESS. Iced coffee from Serious Black Coffee Throughout the past couple of days, I really did feel well-rested. I was able to sleep in,…… Continue reading List of Three Vol. III