“The ocean is everything I want to be — beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.”

Hi, I’m Maddie and I’m from the Philippines! Introductions have always been a challenge for me, so updating this page on my blog is taking quite an awful lot of time.

I guess I started “blogging” in 2009 on Tumblr. I did attempt to write posts about the most random of things, but my tumblr blog is basically a collection of pictures and quotes that show a glimpse of my ~preferences.~ In 2016, I decided to start anew on WordPress, have a virtual space that would inspire me to write. Four years later, this blog has somehow turned into a travel diary, with a few snippets of personal and lifestyle-related posts.

I love visiting different places, learning about its history and experiencing its culture. I enjoy documenting my travels and sharing them (the majority of the posts on this blog is travel-related and I have a small collection of travel videos on YouTube). If the Philippines had four seasons, my favourite would be autumn. I love how the leaves fall from the trees, the red to orange to yellow to brown hues. Winter would be my next favourite, since Christmas (and anything and everything about it) is my favourite holiday and my birthday is in December.

One thing that brings me happiness is having slow, quiet mornings. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve truly started appreciating waking up early. I like staying home, especially when it’s raining. I revel in anything vintage and classic and I like music from the earlier years. I like keeping my planner up to date, I love going on coffee dates and road trips, drinking tea before going to bed, indulging in pastries, and binge-reading.

Leave a comment and let’s be friends!

23 May 2020


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