CEL: Teenage Love to Mainstream Venture

Peace is often found in solitude. Especially when one is in the company of Mother Nature. They say that being in the mountains always gives you a chance to reflect, which often leads to a sense of feeling renewed. I, for one, unfortunately, cannot speak much from my experiences, as I’ve only gone up two mountains, and during both hikes to the peak, I was too preoccupied with keeping my focus and balance. But once the peak was reached, what with being surrounded by the beauty of nature, even the slightest moment of reflection was guaranteed.

This week’s Friend talks about how and when she started appreciating the mountains, her takeaways from mountaineering over the years, and she shares beautiful photos of some of the mountains she has hiked with old and new friends she met along the way. Quite literally. 😉

Have a great read, friends!

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Hello there! I’m Celeste (silent last letter “e”), yes! That’s how you say my name. 

At the moment, I am a home-based ESL teacher and a somehow-productive-during-the-day kind of person. Uhmm. I think these few brain cells work better at night time. Haha!

As per my assessment, I’m more of a reader than a writer. So honestly, I’m not quite sure how this would turn out. But I’ll gather those few brain cells and please them to do the work, (please, please) and so the typing begins….

Yay! First of all, thanks to Maddie Cruz for letting me contribute to her blog site. It was both a pleasure and challenge to me. Thank you for believing that I could turn these experiences into words. Teacher Maddie and I met two years ago, we used to work in the same school. I would always see her spend her time at school purely for work stuff. I got chances to talk to her once in a while and hang out (after working hours) when our schedules permit.

I’m seeing Maddie post these blogs on one of her social media accounts and I keep telling myself, “maybe someday I get to write a piece also, hmm..” and that someday came in March. Upon seeing her message, I hurriedly said “yes.” I was both excited and nervous, but her trust kept me going. 

Maybe I was 12 or 13 years old when I first fell in love with the mountains. Well, maybe because of the fact I grew up in the countryside, and my grandparents lived in the valley. That paved way to my predilection on mountaineering that is nothing but easy. I got really fascinated by these high forms of land which made me decide that they should be my exploration target for more than the years I could count. 

From where you are standing, all you can see is a big irregularly shaped triangle covered with greens and topped with white clouds. But, that’s a no no, dear. Mountains are way, way bigger than what you see from down there — both in heights and experience. Here are some of the takeaways I got from mountaineering for years (and I hope you could try it too, soon).

Mt. Batulao, Batangas

1. A Break From the City

Let the mountains give what the city cannot. All the worries, deadlines, stress, nightlife and noise — let them be on pause. Go to the mountains once in a while and enjoy the cold breeze and the harmony of sounds brought by nature. There’s no other therapy than mother nature itself. 

Mt. Maculot, Batangas

It’s scientifically proven that green and blue are the coolest colors, thus can also be enjoyed on the mountain top. As the saying goes, you disconnect to reconnect. No phone signal. No social media. No virtual likes, posts and shares. All you have to do is to disconnect from that virtual world and go back to square one — mother nature. 

Marlboro Hills, Sagada

2. Enjoying New Company and Scenery

Surely, there would be much added fun when you are endeavouring with friends or a group of folks, soon to be called friends. The stories along the way and the unexpected bonds built during the long walks are simply pleasurable.

Mt. Nagpatong, Rizal

These happy things add up to your production of endorphins, known as the happy hormone. Climbing up the mountain plus a good company of friends equates to a happy heart, body, and mind. 

Osmeña Peak, Cebu

3. Physical Fitness

Other than the mental and emotional fitness brought by climbing the mountains, it also promotes physical fitness. As studies show, people who go up the mountains have low risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It improves blood pressure and blood sugar level. Being in the mountains lets you breathe oxygen that is free of other gasses or pollution, which makes your lungs happy. It’s a great way to exercise and flex those muscles on as you go further and higher. Truly, mother nature has its proactive healing powers. 

Mt. Mapalad, Rizal

4. Sets New Limits

Being scared of heights, losing breath, and getting close to quitting are normal scenarios when you go to the mountains. Now, what sets you apart? It’s your determination to finish what you started. Step by step, you challenge yourself to go further. Set your standards higher than the last one you left behind. 

Baban’s Stay in view

The struggle that you feel on the trail with your friends, family, and with your significant other is a perfect opportunity to practice encouraging one another. This type of bonding is great as you can test one another on the “rough patch.”

Mt. Daraitan, Rizal

5. Develop a Sense of Gratitude

Aside from mountaineering helping you rediscover the beauty of nature, this will surely lead you to the Absolute one. You will get mesmerized by His amazing masterpieces. You get to appreciate the moment, time, effort, and the creation all in a picture. You will be left in awe on how nature recreates life itself. With the peace and silence in the middle of the woods, there’s no way you wouldn’t whisper “Thank you.” 

Mt. Pulag, Benguet

No matter how busy life may get, travelling is an essential part in the life of a human being. Having some stretch and enjoying the view with the dominant colors of blue and green is a must. 

Do you like challenging yourself to greater heights and achieving the health stability we all need? Then, going up to the mountains might be one of the answers.

The mountains are calling! You must go! Remember, all the good things in life are wild and free. 

By Maddie

Hi! I don't know what to say -- I'm not a big fan of introductions and the whole "tell people a little about yourself" thing sort of keeps me on edge so.

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