List of Three Vol. XX

The previous week was slow and demanding. The routine I’ve set needs to be changed since a new term started again and there’s been a sort of change at work. All week long, I did my best to stay on top of things — I filled out a whole page of my planner with just to-do lists, it’s crazy. I didn’t even have time to think about the photos I needed to take for this week’s List of Three, so I’ll be using old photos that are 99% unrelated to what I’ll be talking about (whoops sorry, except for the last part hehe).


Somewhere in Guam, March 2018

I was always in a state of “ok done, what’s next?” the entire week. I was constantly jumping from one task to the next, trusting all the mental to-do lists I’ve made. There was one morning, and it definitely wasn’t Monday, that I forced myself to write down everything I needed to do. The only reason I didn’t do this earlier was because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed. But as soon as I listed them down, I was able to process and prioritise, which thankfully helped me work better and more efficiently. This is why I love lists.


Burj Khalifa at the background, December 2018

I’m teaching again! Though it’s just one college class and it will be over before I even know it, I’m happy to be teaching again! It’s totally different from the Kindergarten level I used to teach but teaching is teaching and I love it! I really missed it, for the past two years, I’ve mostly been doing admin-related work. It just feels so refreshing to do one of the things that really makes me happy!


One of those photos I took for the 30 Day Challenge I did at the beginning of quarantine last year.

It’s been a year since quarantine started in the Philippines and how does that make you feel? I remember the beginning of quarantine so vividly. It was the first time everybody was home at the same time and nobody had any idea when we would all go back to our “normal.” We curated routines that kept our minds and bodies sane and healthy, we spent so much time with each other, we celebrated everybody’s birthdays, we were together for events like grandparents’ day, mother’s day, father’s day — events we never got to celebrate as an entire family before. We celebrated each other’s milestones, we celebrated our first Christmas together. Despite all the instability, the quarantine made me reflect on how blessed my family and I to have been with each other throughout the most difficult time.

By Maddie

Hi! I don't know what to say -- I'm not a big fan of introductions and the whole "tell people a little about yourself" thing sort of keeps me on edge so.

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