Seoul | April 2015 Pt. 1

It’s almost been six years since this trip. It’s going to be quite a challenge trying to remember every little thing that happened, but I’ll do my best.

It was the Spring of 2015 and I was set to stay in Seoul for about ten days with my family. I flew in earlier and spent a few days with one of my best friends. We stayed at her place in Seoul and we basically did all the usual stuff we used to do back in high school, back in Baguio, only this time, reunions were involved. There was a lot of talking, drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, and what I would always tell her — a lot of ~authentic Korean experiences.~ We skipped all the touristy stuff since we had already done that the summer two years prior.

A few days later, my friend landed in Seoul and we spent a couple of days exploring the city. We also met up with another friend and we spent the day in Everland. It’s crazy because looking back now, my high school self never would have thought I would get to travel with friends. I mean, you know how high school is, and all the “restrictions” that come with it. But yeah! This trip was a memorable one and I wish I had done this post sooner, not six years later.

I hope you enjoy this photo gallery. ❤️ PS. Posting Part 2 next Thursday.

m o u n t s e o r a k

Hiking up Mount Seorak was one of the first things I did that Spring. My friends and I took a pretty early train ride out of Seoul and arrived at our destination greeted by fellow hikers who were absolutely prepared. They had their big backpacks, those hiking sticks (sorry I don’t know the technical name lol), and hiking boots. We just had backpacks filled with snacks and running shoes that did not have enough grip for a hike like this.

This part was still a bit easy peasy. As we made our way, we all had quite a number of falling incidents.
At the summit.
y o n g s a n g a r r i s o n

Visiting Yongsan Garrison was definitely a highlight. One of our friends was stationed here for his military service and we spent one afternoon hanging around the base. I remember him saying it was just like being in Camp John Hay, and it really was, what with the commissary and pine tress and all. Still hoping I get the chance to visit Yongsan again.

m y e o n g d o n g

One of the places my friend and I explored was Myeongdong. We walked through the streets, ate egg bread, had more street food, visited Myeongdong Cathedral, and had kimbap and tteok-bokki for merienda.

One of the many, many, many photos we took trying to get our money’s worth after purchasing Magnolia. Yes, we named our selfie stick.
Eating, as always.

By Maddie

Hi! I don't know what to say -- I'm not a big fan of introductions and the whole "tell people a little about yourself" thing sort of keeps me on edge so.


  1. Great post and fantastic photos! I’ve never been to Seoul, but would love to visit one day, especially to see those beautiful cherry tree blossoms. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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