Guam | March 2018

Before anything, I just want to say, yes I’m aware of the fact that only about 25% of the photos are edited. Haha I’m not even going to deny it, the main reason for this is because of my laziness.

Almost a year ago, my family and I went to Guam. Guam, a US territory right in the Pacific Ocean, is only three hours from Manila. Because of its proximity to the Philippines, Filipinos make about 27% of the population (just a little history…during the Spanish colonisation, Filipino rebels, missionaries, and soldiers were exiled to Guam) so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see Filipinos and Filipino food around the island.


We had a red-eye flight — we landed in Guam around 630 in the morning. After retrieving our luggages from the carousel, we headed out and rode a cab to get to the place we were staying at (I forgot the name what the heck). So I just mentioned that there are A LOT of Filipinos in Guam right, while we were putting all of our bags inside the cab, the driver heard us talking in Ilocano, and he said he was also Ilocano so we got a discount haha okay that’s all.

Refreshing view right outside the airport
~mirror photo~ before heading out for breakfast

For this trip, I remember us deciding that it was going to be a relaxing one, so relax we did and we started it off by taking our sweet time having breakfast at McDonald’s.

After eating, we headed back to the apartment to get out of our flight clothes. We grabbed everything we would need for the beach and spent the next few hours swimming and lying around.

Spot the not so hidden gem

Walking uphill to get back to our apartment. I especially loved that road sign.

We then had late lunch/early dinner at Eggs ‘n Things. I first saw the restaurant in Waikiki — I was wondering what the fuss was about, then I realised that people were queueing for Eggs ‘n Things. Sadly though, we weren’t able to go to the restaurant at the time, but we made up for it when we went to Guam in 2016.

Afterwards, we drove to k-mart to get some groceries. Since we were allowed to cook at the apartment, we bought actual food, mostly breakfast food. LOL

Only relevant because it was a pink bunny (hair band)
I’m 95% sure Moi asked me to do that
Sun burn after a day!


After having breakfast, we drove to Two Lovers Point, a must-visit in Guam. It’s the site where (as legend says) where two lovers who were forbidden from acting on their love for each other jumped off the cliff, into Tumon Bay.

The lovers tied their long black hair into a single knot. And acting as if they were entirely alone, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and kissed for the final time. Then they leaped over the long, deep cliff into the roaring waters below.”

The view deck at Two Lovers Point. This is the only area in the site that is not free.
One of the view decks overlooking the Philippine Sea

Funny story — Mau’s hat fell and she didn’t want to just leave it there. So Mig went over the railing to get the hat, good thing it wasn’t that far from the deck.

Jack in the Box for lunch

Latte Stone; used by the Chamorros as support/foundation when constructing structures. They aren’t used as much anymore, but latte stones still serve to highlight the identity of the Chamorros.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around the island, and we were always greeted by the calming sight of the water. Really though, just seeing or being near the water already gives me this sense of calm. I can honestly spend minutes watching the waves.

While driving around, we also came across different trails/access points for breathtaking views of the ocean.

We spent about an hour in this area. Only Kup and I went into the water while everybody else just sat and watched LOL
Our favourite beach spot

We decided to get some ice cream before heading back. I added gummy bears and brownies 🙂


Spent our last morning lounging and picnicking by the beach

Right by the Church, there was a man selling coconuts. We bought some, drank the juice, then he cracked it open. He then put some Kikkoman and wasabi for us to dip the coconut in. When I first heard about this, I was reluctant to try it but thank goodness I did!

maui in maug
Dinner at Eggs ‘n Things (again) on our last night

This machine thingamajig was displayed at one of the malls around Tumon

That’s it for our short trip to Guam 🙂

Even though I didn’t swim as much, didn’t do any water activities, there’s something about traveling to islands like Guam. ❤

By Maddie

Hi! I don't know what to say -- I'm not a big fan of introductions and the whole "tell people a little about yourself" thing sort of keeps me on edge so.

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