It was during the latter part of college when I realized that I really REALLY wanted to teach. To start off, I wasn’t very keen on the psychology part of my major — I like psychology, but doing work related to it really just keeps me on edge. Throughout college, I found myself enjoying my education-related classes more and looking back now, I think that was a huge sign that this is probably my calling. I know it’s too soon to say, but I have a strong feeling this is it. (TYL)

Last Friday, I had my orientation for my new job — I’m officially going to be Teacher Maddie! It was a pretty long day but I’m glad I was able to get a little bit of the feel of how it’s going to be like.

The night before, I set three different alarms to make sure I would have enough time to prepare for the day ahead, knowing that I take quite a while getting myself ready. I still ended up hitting the snooze button, stayed in bed for a couple more minutes, did a little bit of reflecting, and finally decided to get up.

I had breakfast with my mom and Kup at 7AM (I intended to have breakfast at 630AM but yep…) The selection wasn’t all that enticing and it barely included the usual breakfast food, save for some bread and jams. I had soy fish, vegetables, arroz caldo, and a cup of coffee.

I got to school around 740AM, five minutes before the call time. I wanted to get there at least 15 minutes prior but my entire morning schedule shifted because of one little snooze. When will I ever learn…

Locust Girl

Upon getting to the lobby, I told the guard why I was there and he told me to wait a while. I started reading the book I packed for the day — Locust Girl by Merlinda Bobis. I don’t think I’ve ever read a locally published book on my own volition and to be honest, I only got a hold of this book because Jik gave it to me. I’ve only just started but let me tell you, the. lure. is. real. I wanted to keep reading but I was already being summoned by my immediate boss.

Throughout the whole day, I can say I wasn’t scared or nervous. I was excited and I was happy, I could definitely feel it. This is the kind of environment I wanted to be in, this is the place I knew I would be happy in.

The first 10 minutes of being in the classroom had me taking endless mental notes of all the information and I so badly wanted to write everything down (memorizing is not my strongest suit). I wasn’t able to until all the kids have settled down and at that point, I’ve basically had nothing to write anymore. Haha I was then introduced to my ~future students~ and I can’t tell ya how the whole thing felt like. All of them were asked to say, Hi, Teacher Maddie, I’m Kid 1. I was just standing there and I wanted to hug all of them but I had to hold myself back. One of the kids actually gave me a hug after his introduction and ahh it was just so adorable 🙂 I actually got two hugs, one from the morning class and one from the afternoon class (this really made me happy). The latter one was so random though, the kid just ran up to me and gave me a big hug but I’m not complaining!

I learned that during the kids’ recess, us teachers are allowed to sit and eat with them. This, I was grateful for since I was starting to get hungry and I didn’t want to trigger my stomach issues. For lunch, we’re allowed to bring our own food, buy outside or buy from the cafeteria. Since I only had granola bars and an orange with me, I decided to buy food outside the school and eat it at the cafeteria with the other teachers. BUT. I pretty much got lost in school since I couldn’t find the cafeteria, ended up going up and down four floors twice, so I decided to just sit, eat, and give up on looking for the cafeteria they were talking about.

The entire afternoon, my sleeplessness started kicking in. My sleeping schedule has been whacking me out but of course I knew I couldn’t just take a nap right then and there so I had to fight it through the orientation proper. Afterwards, we still had about two hours until we were free to leave and I took this time to really focus on the facilitation of the class. This is also the part I started worrying over the fact that I MAY not be able to memorize all the songs/rhymes that they do but I decided not to dwell over that part too much. I also realized that Chinese is a major part of the curriculum and I started freaking out because I don’t know a single word in Chinese aside from ni hao. Then I realized that it’s probably just me overthinking since I won’t be the one teaching Chinese anyway…

As soon as it was over, I headed over to S Maison to meet up with my mom and Kup. I was so hungry so I asked my mom if we could eat and we just ended up having yogurt. I don’t know if it’s the weather but my yogurt was not as frozen as it should have been. But anyway. We headed to Conrad a little bit later for some coffee and pastries before finally heading home.


So that’s that! I’m thinking about turning this chapter of my life into a series of blog posts just so I would have something to look back to. 🙂